For many people, the holidays are synonymous with family gatherings and large meals. Bringing groups of people together to celebrate in your home can be exciting, but it can also pose a serious risk to your home's plumbing system. 

If guests are not familiar with your regular food disposal protocol, then your garbage disposal might not function as well. Helpful guests will try to clear they plates by scraping leftovers into your kitchen sink, which could spell disaster for your kitchen drain. 

Here are three simple things that you can do throughout the upcoming holiday season to ensure your festive gatherings don't compromise the function of your kitchen drain and result in a plumbing emergency. 

1. Put Food Waste in the Trash 

It's important that you instruct your guests to scrape their plates into the garbage in order to preserve the function of your kitchen drain. 

Even if your drain is equipped with a garbage disposal, the heavy volume of foods associated with holiday gatherings can put too much stress on your garbage disposal, causing the appliance to malfunction and your kitchen drain to clog up. 

Holiday meals feature many foods that should never find their way into your kitchen's drains, such as fatty meats, sticky pastas and greasy treats. Designating a garbage can in your kitchen as a place for guests to clear their plates into the garbage instead of your sink, can help you avoid a serious plumbing disaster this holiday season. 

2. Invest In a Drain Strainer 

Despite your careful instructions to keep food items out of your kitchen's garbage disposal, some waste might find its way into your kitchen sink anyway. To ensure that these stray food scraps don't wreak havoc on your kitchen pipes, you should make sure that you have a drain strainer in place at all times. 

A drain strainer is a simple and inexpensive plug that fits into the drainage hole in your kitchen sink. The mesh wiring of the strainer allows liquids to freely flow into the drain while capturing larger particles and keeping them safely inside your sink. 

You can remove the drain strainer once all your holiday guests have returned to their homes and empty it into a garbage can. Having a drain strainer in your kitchen sink throughout the holiday season will ensure that your plumbing doesn't suffer during your festive gatherings. 

3. Invest In a Professional Drain Cleaning 

Making sure that your kitchen drain is prepared to face the increased use that is associated with the holiday season is critical when it comes to preventing plumbing emergencies as you celebrate with friends and family members. 

Before the holiday season arrives, you should contact a plumber and have him or her professionally clean your kitchen drain. A professional cleaning will remove any gunk that has built up on the interior walls of your drainpipes throughout the year and allow you the opportunity to ensure that your garbage disposal is working properly. 

When your kitchen drain system is fully functional because it has been professionally cleaned, the drain is more likely to perform properly throughout your holiday celebrations. 

As the plumber cleans the kitchen drain, you could also ask them to inspect any other plumbing areas that have had issues, or perform other maintenance tasks your plumbing system may need. 

Be sure that you are prepared to protect your drain by having guests scrape leftovers into a garbage can, by keeping a drain strainer in place over your kitchen drain at all times and by contacting the friendly staff at Brian Scroggins to professionally clean your drain before the upcoming holiday events.