Dependable Sump Pump Plumbing in Jeffersonville, Indiana

Installation of Sump Pump — Plumbing in Jeffersonville, IN

Do You Need a Sump Pump?

After a storm, water flows down into the ground. If you have a basement or crawl space, your home's underground walls will experience pressure as water descends against them. In many cases, seepage leads to puddles and flooding in your basement. Moisture, mold and mildew under your home attract pests. Standing water can also cause significant property damage. That's why you need a sump pump.

How We Waterproof Your Home

Brian Scroggins is ready to help you protect your home's foundation and basement from water damage. Although it may not be possible to stop water from entering in the first place, a sump pump prevents harmful buildup and flooding. By installing a catchment basin beneath the lowest layer of your home, water is collected and contained. Your sump pump then transports it away from your house.

Professional Services. Affordable Prices

We help you ensure that your basement or crawl space remains dry. From installing a new sump pump to repairing or maintaining your existing model, we offer the services you need to avoid water buildup under your home. Your sump pump will not last forever. It is worth a professional inspection to make sure that your unit is ready to handle the season's rain and snow.

Why Does My Basement Flood?

Many people think that the spring snowmelt is the cause of basement flooding and damage. However, it is actually a combination of factors. The ground near your basement thaws before the earth under your yard. Therefore, spring rains will naturally run off the frozen ground and seep into the warmer soils near your home. This can cause water leaks and buildup.

You Can Trust Brian Scroggins

Your home may be your largest investment. That's why it's worth a quick inspection or repair service. Let us keep your sump pump in working order, so you can rest assured that your basement will remain dry during the spring rains. Our professional work will help you protect your house from expensive water damage.